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Delegation led by Jiang Bingfeng, Deputy Mayor of Taizhou City, Visited CCI Holdings and Shang Gong Group

source:CCI Holdings News

On May 22, 2020, Jiang Bingfeng, Deputy Mayor of Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, Guan Bingyang, Director of Investment Promotion Center, Chen Jiagen, Deputy Secretary and Deputy Director of Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, Cai Yunqing, Deputy Director of Shanghai Office, Ni Chenghui, Deputy District Chief of Jiaojiang District, and Zheng Xiaojun, Deputy Director of Municipal Government Office visited CCI Holdings and Shang Gong Group and held meeting to discuss issues such as the promotion of investment projects and the cooperation deepening and connection and so on.


In the company of Kong Liumei, Secretary of the Party Committee of CCI Holdings, Zhou Kexuan, Co-President, Zhang Min, President of Shang Gong Group, the delegation led by Deputy Mayor Jiang Bingfeng visited product showroom of Shang Gong Group, and they learned more about the representative branded products with different applications at home and abroad, which are produced by subsidiaries of Shang Gong Group. In addition to five major brands originated in Germany, that is, Durkopp Adler, Baisile, PFAFF KSL and Mauser, the group also owns local brands which made their reputations abroad such as Richpeace and SG GEMSY etc. The showroom has everything that one expects, as its products range from intelligent robot and sewing machine to automatic cloth-cutting machine, automatic thick material-cutting machine and automatic molding machine as well as multi-functional household sewing machine, which meet different customer demands and application requirements.

The delegation led by Deputy Mayor Jiang Bingfeng also held meeting with President Zhang Min, and gave advice on promoting the influence of Shang Gong Group in Taizhou. 


Later, the delegation led by Deputy Mayor Jiang Bingfeng arrived at Management Headquarters of CCI Holdings in Shanghai and held meeting with the senior management of CCI Holdings. Chen Xuanlin, Chairman of CCI Holdings, Kong Liumei, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chen Zhuping, Executive President attended the meeting. 


Deputy Mayor Jiang Bingfeng said that, Taizhou develops its market by giving supports to the private economy, and builds the industry by developing manufacturing industry, so its development concept is consistent with the industrial layout of CCI Holdings. Recently, CCI Holdings has increased the project investment in Taizhou, and made greater efforts in the layout of high-end precision manufacturing industry to support the economic development of Taizhou and actively shoulder the social responsibility as a private enterprise. Taizhou governments at all levels would further implement the policy, solve difficulties and problems encountered in the process of project execution and create a better investment environment to facilitate the enterprise development.


Chairman Chen Xuanlin appreciated Deputy Mayor Jiang Bingfeng's special visit to CCI Holdings and Shang Gong Group for investigation and supervision in the midst of pressing affairs. From the beginning of the year, we have been to Taizhou visiting Li Yueqi, Municipal Party Secretary of Taizhou, and Wu Haiping, Mayor of Taizhou for many times. Taizhou received full support and enjoyed high-quality service by CPC Municipal Committee and Government when it dealt with the project investment in Taizhou. The visit by Deputy Mayor Jiang Bingfeng gave us supports and strengthened our confidence with future work. CCI Holdings will give full play to its advantages in resources and innovation capability as a private enterprise, and it will vitalize the industry with great cohesion and supports the economic construction of Taizhou making great contribution to Taizhou.


CCI Holdings follows the industrial planning and strategic layout of the group and further deepens the investment cooperation in Taizhou. The group promotes the innovative development of different industries, sticks to the new development philosophy, enhances the new kinetic energy of development, creates and realizes the social value with practical action.