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Delegation led by Yu Jundang, Deputy Governor of Shanghai Branch of China Development Bank, arrived at CCI Holdings for survey and investigation

source:CCI Holdingse News

On May 26, 2020, Yu Jundang, Deputy Governor of Shanghai Branch of China Development Bank(CDB), Cai Jian, Director of Fourth Customer Division, Yu Siyuan, Deputy Director of Fourth Customer Division, and Chen Yan, Customer Manager, arrived at Management Headquarters of CCI Holdings in Shanghai for survey and investigation, and held meeting on the medium and long term credit aid for the new energy automobile and high-end precision manufacturing etc. Zhou Kexuan, Co-President of CCI Holdings, Zhang Jianrong, Vice President, Zhang Laien, Chief Engineer of Department of Real Estate Investment, Ma Xiaohang, General Manager of Department of the Capital Management, Wei Shubin, General Manager of Investment and Financing Departmen, and Zhang Haiqiang, General Manager of Investment Development Department et al. attended the meeting.


Co-President Zhou Kexuan extended welcome to the delegation led by Deputy Governor Yu Jundang and appreciated their visit to CCI Holdings for survey and investigation. Currently, the group is specialized in diversified industrial investments, with focus on the four core industries, that is, the automobile manufacturing & commerce and trade industrial chain, the high-end precision manufacturing, the infrastructure construction and the navigation industry. In the future, in the strategic planning goal of becoming a group of industry operator, the group promotes the sustainable development. Through the cooperation with CDB, the group hopes to explore more possibilities of industry cooperation by starting from the new energy automobile of Shanghai Wanxiang Automobile and the high-end precision manufacturing of Shang Gong Group.


Deputy Governor Yu Jundang said that, CDB is a medium- and long-term credit bank and its main businesses include infrastructure, basic industry, pillar industry, people's livelihood and international transactions. Currently, to give full support to the development of real economy, clearly understand the situation of epidemic prevention and control, and the actual financing demand of enterprise, CDB enhances the supports to related industries such as the manufacturing industry, the supporting facilities for industrial chain and the new infrastructure etc. The industrial layout of CCI Holdings is dominated by automobile manufacturing, high-end precision manufacturing and infrastructure construction, which is consistent with the industries that CDB support. It is hoped that a suitable domain can be identified for the long- term cooperation based on the projects.


Both parties communicated with each other on the specific cooperation matters and the lists of survey and investigation and they reached a consensus, which laid a good foundation for the subsequent cooperation.